Sunday, 21 February 2010

Woods, Women and Religion

Woods says he'll turn to Buddhism for help

I find it rather amusing that people of any race and religion will find themselves use God and faith to find an end to any accusations especially the ones that they themselves created.

Do we as a human put God, our creator, on the altar as the only way to shut people's mouth of any sort of accusations just because He can't say anything back?

I have a very classic example and one that i tapped from my own race, so no one can tell me that i made up this scenario.
Take for instance when a woman did wrong thing such as bad-mouthing someone else or making up stories just to gain support and empathy from blinded supporters, she will non-hesitantly exclaimed God's name again and again in every of her conversation trying to convince gullible lots of her mischievous deeds. The ultimate word that will be said out loud is "Ya Allah" and automatically people would say that she is being truthful. She can't simply use God name if she is not right. That she had been wronged by someone else's fault. Which eventually she will be the righteous person.....

Did Woods thought of the same too? Perhaps.
And God is nowhere to be heard of His side of stories.....

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