Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fat or not fat...

I was brought to write on this matter after reading my beloved youngest sister's facebook status on her feeling /being fat.
I reckoned the state that she is in right now, might be quite troubling for her because she is the type that would hardly felt troubled by such things in life or be ignited by simple stupidity created by her surrounding.

I do not know whether she'll be reading my blog or not, and whether she'll kill me for jotting her concern about being fat here today (I hope you won't ....hehehehe), but I do hope she and lot of women out there who share the same concern of being in that 'fat zone' would take my writing on the positive side.

One thing about my sister, she is a very lovely and sweet girl who is more 'girlie' than me, and enjoys good food, something that all of us in the family shared. We will hunt for good food, be it via reading food comments, or just by word of mouth. The only difference between her and me is our physical size and her warm heart. I'm a hard-headed petite girl with a very unorthodox point of view in life ~ well most of it.

So, coming back to sweet sister of mine, with her being in that state (which I can say, it is not that bad and have yet to reach the obese scale count, im pretty sure of that!), I know one thing that she and perhaps some women out there share in common ~ the tendency of buying more new cloths to fit in to the ever 'growing' body changes.

No denying on this. We all do that occasionally.
She, for one thing, loves to buy (not shopoholic yet!) and that includes clothings.

See, all of us need someone or something as a benchmark to what we want and intend to achieve in life.
This includes having a sort of measuring tape for our desired comfortable figure.
Of course, we have to take into consideration of the our age (those above 30s tend to accumulate fats faster and at places one never had in the 20s), whether having babies before or otherwise, genetics and lifestyle.

But I'm only going to touch on the clothings and non of the rest.

When someone realises that they are gaining some weight, which will later shows obviously by the tight waistline and being unable to fit in the pants that we've not been wearing three months ago ~ that is an indication having our weight and fats increased or accumulated.
Thus, when exasperation sips into the head, most people and that includes me, will start buy a larger size pants or skirts. And that goes the same to blouses and shirts.

Imagine that to go on months after months and year after year.
We take things for granted.
We thought, it's okay ~ it's just a bit, but still continue the lazy lifestyle.
Only one day, when we sit down and realised that we've succeeded to reach from size 8 to 11 or size 10 to 16, it'll be too hard and too comfy to start do anything at all.
Honestly, it will be much easier when women are at 25 and below to shed some weight away, but it'll get tougher when we reached our prime age of 30s and above.
Thus, making sure we won't be blown into some figure that won't fit comfortably in a Mini Cooper ~ we should always have a checkpoint on our weight and health overall.

I have my own measuring item. Nope, it is not a measuring tape but one piece of nice straight cut Levi's that I have been using for almost 10 years. This particular jeans is my benchmark.
I wasn't that taken aback when I can't fit in to it after the delivery my first child because I have read and known and accepted the condition that I'll be in post delivery.
But after six months, when I was about to throw it away (of course after having a replacement and with one size higher and with different cut), I gave it a last try.


Now, I'm still using it although it does give that bulge on the tummy and love handles, But I put myself into self-agreement that I'll do some floor exercise for those areas, and it will definetely be my ultimate weight and fats watcher.

It goes the same to blouses and all of our clothings. Once we have the freedom of allowing ourselves into getting a size bigger, we will continue do that until one day, when we realised it, we are on the semi-obese scale count and it'll be harder to get rid of all the unnecessary.

Being fat has it's consequences.
Besides implications such as uncomfortable inner-tight brushing against each other, joint pains especially on the legs resulted from carrying overweighted body, the most affected would be the one that is quite hard to guess ~ on our self-esteem.
Although being just at the normal weight or figure would not guarantee a healthy inside, it does allow us to be happy with ourselves ~ the most important factor in life.
Being angry and frowning would only make us a depressed person.

I understand some people would say that being fat is only on the outside. Being fat is okay. Your inside (heart and soul) is the most important of all. On the inside you're still a very nice person, a happy woman, this and that. But honestly, I feel that is mere lip service for people who doesn't have the courage to tell their family or friend that they think that person is fat or a 'little big bigger'.
Ask a lady who think that she is fat ~ whether is she happy with her weight and welcome open-heartedly on how people look at them and they do not envy normal-sized lady?
Ask whether would they be comfortable when looking at themselves into the mirror butt naked?
Would they feel attractive when their husbands look at them behind the four walls?
Ask yourself honestly...

I am not indicating fat (women or men) are ugly, but I would like to know ~ would those who consider themselves fat have a notion come visiting them once in a while and wish that they are not as fat or swear that they would have kept that slimmer bods while having them many years ago.

So for you who thought that you're fat, here are some ideas I want to share;

1. Stop buying new cloths

2. Get one dress that you love so much but can't fit into it now AND start wearing it or hang it out for your daily viewing and encourage yourself to fit into it in 3 months time.

3. Although genes and hormones do take control of us women, we can still manage our brain. So start thinking of being at that desired weight and figure, the rest will follow suit.

4. Try eating at the same time for every meal. Skipping meal doesn't make you skinnier.

5. Eat moderately of everything. We do need some carbo and protein and fats to burn our energy.

6. Snacking is heavenly if it's on Cheezels or Lays, but do it once a while or else munch fresh sweet carrots or celery sticks, or nuts.

7. I've indulged myself into a large glass of hot lemon squeeze on an alternate day those days and it proves to help reduced my fatty count in the BMI calculations of body fats. Im doing it once a week now ....(im actually reminding myself too now. Im very lazy i.e).

8. Floor exercise is better than gym. I've gone for the latter and stick to the former. Avoid cycling machine. It only helps you make your thighs bigger and flabbier if you stop.

9. I think Pilates work better because it stretches all of our limbs. (reminding myself too...i've stooped for ages already especially when it is almost unknown here in this country)

10. For cardio work out ~ go walking or running doing house work instead of sleeping in the afternoons. Running proves bad for our internal part of our body. Not good for our heart.

So start trying one.
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