Friday, 19 March 2010

The Malays & Jewish

Coke to invest $302M in Malaysia, open new plant

'Coca-Cola said Tuesday it will build a new bottling plant in Malaysia and invest $302 million over the next five years to boost growth in the Southeast Asian market.....'


Despite being open mindedly accepting the news on one of the world's largest beverage company setting investment in the country, there are, as usual, some shallow minded people who would state their protest on such development.

Since according to the spokesperson, the investment will be the largest in the region, and economically, it will generate work opportunity to the local people, I sympathised those fanatics on saying that this is one way of letting the Jews into the country.

What they meant by that, only they and their likes understand.

No doubt that the shareholder of that giant company are Jews or of some Jewish descendant but don't they ever give it a thought about the country's economics?
Can't they just look on the inside to what happen to Kelantan, a state on the east coast of the Peninsular. See what happen to the state when there are no investment due to their rigid regulations.
Where can they earned their income if not from companies investing in the state?
Take a trip there and you'll see how they've been deprived with good development right down to be unable to pay proper maintenance companies to clean their towns and kampungs.
See Selangor, another state on the west coast, and especially Shah Alam, the main industrial area, and the capital of the state.

Watch how it developed?
Know how much the state and councillor make yearly?...

I am not championing the Jews, but I feel those skeptics should take a while putting aside their 'dramatic' Islamic opinion, putting things on the shelf and start evaluating the whole idea before shutting their doors to all non-Islamic whatnots, especially investment, which eventually will help their countrymen or their kampung folks near Nilai and Negri Sembilan including those folks who suffer the retrenchment during the 2008 slump get some job at least.

And, what is not Jews or owned by the Jews?
The Levi's jeans that you wear?
The shampoo that you used?
The Top 10 Western movies that you watch? know, like Spielberg and his like?
Don't tell me you never watch Star Wars at all?
Don't tell me you never 'help' contribute even RM1 to any Jewish based companies in term of the usage or consumption of their products?

One similarity I found among these 'pious' people is, they think they are smart and very religious.
They think they are closer to God than most people, especially people with liberated perception in life.
They think they are the one that is religiously fighting in the name of Islam and Allah.
There are loads of them...and it is getting more and more each day, thus why (my answers to my fellow non-Muslims) there are more religious-based unrest in Malaysia than it was 20 years ago.

Which brought me to one of my mother's friend predicament.
She came to my mother expressing her disappointment towards her eldest son's decision.
After spending years in Japan studying (obviously with the government grant) came back to Malaysia, and later did another advance studies to furnished his portfolio, at the end, he decided not wanting to work at all.
The sad thing about this guy is, because he has been mixing around with some Islamic fanatics while studying (i can attest to this because yours truly encountered same experience too), he refused and rejected offered by multinationals with comfortable yearly package because ' the company is not ISLAMic enough for him'.

Hmmmmm....what can you say to that?
Because honestly, in Malaysia there are near to zero if you're die-hard Islamic-based gooer in term of big employment entity...
The worried mother suggested an endeavour with Islamic-based bank, and his answer was ''it's hard also because the money that he'll be earning is based on 'riba' or usury that is forbidden in Islam"...

That certainly made me laughed.
I bet all those Muslims working in the bank in Malaysia and the world are feeding their families with non-halal money!!
My God!
That is one example of what sort of things silly fanatics and those people who thought they're holy, got in their head.
To know more, I would suggest the FBI retained the bodies of dead fanatics (of course those in suicide bombings cant help much as their brains would be spurted out on the ground), cut their head and do some research on their brains and gather info as to what contributed to this all this enigma.

It's sad.
It's silly.
It's foolish.

And oh, for those of you who hate me for my opinion, and think that you're more Islamic then me, and feel that you should continue hatred towards other religion and races, me :
Google and Yahoo and your current craze of facebook-ing -- they are all founded by young smart Jewish!!

Why not stop all communications then?
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