Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Overseas newspaper paints bad image of Malaysia

Overseas newspaper paints bad image of Malaysia

A ha!
This is not news at all.
And the person who wrote this letter shouldn't even feel surprised on his finding.
It's naturally natural news on Malaysia. All the bad things will be captured by all the newsmen around the world casually.
In this case me, and perhaps most Malaysian, can't make it to where the Indian journalist got his news fact from....the Neems tree perhaps?

We've all know about this tarnishing image. Whether direct or indirectly.
Living in the Gulf, where the news and newspapers are managed by, say, 90% the Indians and 10% others, one will get sick to the throat reading all news surrounding the Indians and India and it's surrounding countries (Sri Langka, Pakistan etc) and one will be surprised when a short and brief news on Malaysia came up.
However, i can attest that the news was never a good one but all controversial and damaging to the country.

Who to blame?
The government (since letting reputation-damaging incidences take place and stupid lopsided and bias journalists).

Take for instance Dubai.
The place to go.
The place in the GCC to be a must to visit.
The place that have like almost everything especially the shopping (among the women).
But once you're there, you'll never want to go again.
All those hype and news-boost from Western world managed put Dubai where it is.

Because the whites and Western media have been trying for years to put it up on the world map.
From a no where to some where.
Because it is and already become the land of the white people actually (they who are an opportunist by nature), and for their love taking over other people's land (but then again, without this opportunistic values in them (the white/westerners) some countries will not get a jump-start and will be continuing their ancestral way of living, diving for pearl).

What happen to the locals?
Well unlike this Qatar you'll be able to see the locals everywhere but in Dubai....hardly.
Try and get familiar with the souks and outside the town area, it is more of Mumbai than Dubai.

Thus the whole picture, will be paint by the controller or world media, newspaper men and other means of information as to how they want it to be!
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