Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Dear Valued Customer
Thank you for writing to ........Emails will be attended to fr
Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5.30pm excl. Public Holidays.We can also be reached 24/7 at:

Careline 1300-111-000
Business 1800-111-888

Efficiency is very hard to come by.
Lack of it means more bills to pay (i.e. in energy), and in my case believing the claimed 'better customer service than other provider'. Most companies, especially those dealing in selling of services, will boast of their excellent after sales service bulls plus this and that. But when things got rotten even before the warranty period ends, they will treat the customer like a ball and gives thousand and one excuses. For some people, sending to a private outside service centre and pay will get things done faster and more efficiently minus all those hassle and bustle and annoying reasons.

Coming back to my problem, trying to get someone picking up the 'careline' which is not,
in my opinion care about the customer at all, I can say, efficiency in most customer-related companies are at below par. I have been waiting for some sort of rectification to my
complaints and have yet receive anything even after 5 working days except for the above computer generated reply.

This however cannot beat thus far, Citibank, which to date had been almost three weeks non-reply (the only reply after my every attempt to check on the status of my queries is 'we will call you in 3 days time' ~ now it has been 16 days already.) However I applaud their efficiency in calling for late payments....
I know things will work it's way up if I apply the same method I used to execute things when I
didn't get my problem solved appropriately. Nevertheless, I'm way far from the country to
materialised it one on one.

Here I am waiting....

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