Saturday, 28 March 2009

There he goes again....

Interestingly, the Malaysian political scenario would not be calm as i thought it would be.
In the 59th Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, which started off with its tradition of raising the UMNO's flag " Sang Saka Bangsa" while singing "Bersetia, Bersatu, Berkhidmat" in the compound of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), one incident that actually manifest the real feeling of the rest of the UMNO delegates took centre stage.

Nothing unexpected happened initially but once the new Pemuda Head Khairy Jamaluddin appeared and going into the hall, some of the delegates booed him openly. It appears that not only the younger generation contributed to the booing incident, it was also joined by the women and older delegates.
How bad can it be when one 'elected' head was booed after his winning.

I guess the only reason he won was non other than money politics per se and it seems that he himself expected all these unhappiness and thus make sure he was escorted well. According to a friend of mine who were at that gathering that night, Khairy Jamaluddin already expect some commotion would occurred. There was even loud shouts mentionning him as "KJ rasuah !" (KJ bribe!)

This incident however proven to be the real feeling and sentiment of the UMNO members towards one person whom had partly contributed to the big lost of UMNO in the previous General Election 2008.

Nevertheless, his biggest 'supporter'; his father in law, also the UMNO Pressident in his final speech found time to condemned the previous premier, Tun Mahathir accusing him of being unloyal to the party and so on.

I wonder whether he took notice or not that what he had done to support his eager beaver son in law is not ruining the party itself. Knowingly he is practising that way of buying people's supports.

There were 'rumours' and talk going around the hall on the counting night, that the counting took more than 6 hours and it seems initially Tun Mahathri's son, Mukhriz was named as the winner.....duuhhh.....
No wonder the Pemuda UMNO is trying hard to eliminate the Disciplinary Committee!
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