Friday, 2 January 2009

Animal in Human

It is interesting to read about all the hoo and haas of the new year bash.
Anywhere at all.

The next day you will surely be fed with all sort of news and the aftermath of it.
And as it has always been, whenever there was any kind of celebrations, there would bound to be all sort of mishap taking place, either due to drunk driving, fight from any sort of misunderstanding and private clubs or group being ambushed by authorities because of illegal gathering or drugs usage and so on.

But what caught my interest was the news on one reporter or presenter of a Internet news (if i got this right) and a young singer that was caught in an orgy party in one hotel room. There was more or less 12 person all together in that room performing their acts alongside the usage of drugs and alcohol. This happened in one hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.

Well, honestly this sort of story is not a news at all.
We have been reading about these sort of parties going on for the past ten years and i remember very well when one of my cousin who were then the head of department of a religious body up north of Malaysia told us about one orgy group that her department ambushed.
The unbelievable part was the group that she caught were school going kids age ranging from 13 to 15 years old including one 16 years old dropped-out. Imagine that!
All the girls are wearing head scarves and they are not those town folk that one might think be easily exposed to any immoral behaviour, as how it was stereotyped by the majority.

When i first heard about it, i was trying hard to imagine 'the' situation.
I cannot comprehend their willingness to engaged into that kind of personal act, in group.
What more performed by girls that were supposed to be 'good', well behaved with head and body covered according to Islamic values taught and put upon them.

I read about wife swap which is an open secret in the western world.
I understand their need in doing so. They're either fed-up humping the same people or maybe they just want to satisfy their lust among each another; BUT with each another's willingness and consent; HENCE they'll be having a very clear conscience while at it including making believe that the act was not an 'act of adultery'.
Furthermore, those people might be an atheist.

But, in Malaysia?
A country that claim their official religion is Islam?
Interestingly, only the Malays (hence Muslim) were the one that always been apprehended conducting such an immoral act.
It really made me think what has happen to the people nowadays. Especially the Muslims that were supposed to behave in good conduct being brought up according to the Islamic rules and regulations. What has gone wrong. Yes indeed this is what we have to pay in bringing in development to the country especially world without borders. Something must have gone really wrong in the society. And the government is not doing anything serious about it at all.

Would we be seeing and hearing more of this sort of animal behavioural?
Even animal don't do orgy. They'll change partners but no orgy. I know. I watched Nat Geo and Animal Planet....

What more can I say......
May i say those people are worst than an animal?
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