Friday, 2 January 2009

Whatsupp with me? of my aim for the new year is to post more informative news, more of current health researched and findings that would help us improve our lifestyle and not politically inclined posts because honestly i am not well versed with international political scenarios, and secondly, i am sick of the current one in my birth country, Malaysia.
Besides there is nothing much to comment about all the distructions done and initiated by the Jews and especially on the current Palestinian-Israel conflicts. They're satans worshippers that would distructs all peace globally.

Not that i am not concern with my fellow Muslims being attacked and killed but, by God, what more can we do besides sending in petitions and spread our word of hatred towards Israel.
The US will not stop them from continuing killing women and children ANYWHERE they want to. In fact the US will be happy because they have carried out instructions given to them by the Jews and we all know that they're basically a Jewish-owned country.

So help us God.
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