Saturday, 8 November 2008

Old Hellos

I guess today is a remembrance day....remembering me, i mean.
Today in the spin of less than two hours i received two calls from two different person.
The first one was from my brother cum Bapak, Pak Bikong in Jakarta. I have not met him more than two years although the last time we were in touch was like four months ago.
Anyway, it is also my intentions of giving him a call since he sometimes texted me asking my whereabouts and updates.
His call was more of a response to my telepathic calling i would say.

But the second call was the most unexpected one.
See, i am the sort of person that will do spring cleaning of my house, wardrobe and not forgetting my mobile phonebook. I simply hate to see many names unrelated to my current life although sometime these names will somehow cropped up in head or sometime out of the blue they will call me asking my being and whatnot.

But this person that called me just now, I knew him while I was handling the one of the local power station project in Port Dickson (PD) like seven years ago....gosh, that was quite some time!
He was the project engineer and I was the contractor in charge thus we work very closely for like a year and a half. I still remember driving down to PD on a daily basis although I rented an apartment at one of the hotel there. I just can't bring myself staying there alone, and the food was sucks. Moreover driving up and down daily will take me less than an hour to get to the project site.

 It was more of an enjoyable projects because, one; the site was near beach area, and two; because we mutually connected thus making work easier.  So, it's fun all day long, even-though there would be some working issue popped up once in a while; it's easier to settle it understandably.

So, we spoke for a short while because i was on roaming but making sure that we keep in touch again, we exchange emails; even though i cannot guarantee the lasting of it...
Whatever it is, it was nice hearing from someone you knew long time ago and that person just out of the blue drop you a line; which i can say brighten up my day a bit.

Perhaps, i should just leave my phonebook un-touch, except for those really need to be deleted, and drop a line to some of them sometimes......
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