Wednesday, 26 November 2008


There are certain things in life that you know you must do and like to do; whether you like it or not.
I have a few, and more of the 'don't like'.

One thing for sure is; i don't really like people.
(well, i have seen a movie where this chap said the same thing; I HATE PEOPLE, so im not in the ship alone, as what the other half proclaim)

I'm not a self-centered person.
I really do not think so.
I'm easily loved (wink wink) and liked by those who are adventurous enough to hear my thoughts. Infact im quite flambouyant (probably one disposition that i acquired as a façade to my actual self).

But one thing for sure, the very reason that i dont really like people was that they (people) tend to make me NOT be me. In other simple word - pretentious.
I hate being pretentious. I speak my mind:- loudly at times, hence i am quite verbal ofcourse the thoughts will be filtered thru the the cerebral part of me before being chanelled out of my mouth (unlike some PEOPLE..(duhhh.....again)).
I know being to vocal has it repercussion and especially when it came from a mouth of a person of 'my race'.

To me it is always best to make it crystal clear. In both your opinion and thoughts about whatever you feel related to.
Never keep in your heart and head your grumpiness towards some things.
It will be easier on one hand but hard on the other because PEOPLE usually and naturally DON'T like hearing straight off things about them or the things that they do and whatnot.
It will be easier because should anything happen; at least you've laid your card on the table.
Like it or not; those concerned will have to take it; digest it and swallow it.

By that it will also help you distinguished your friend and foes.
It will make your life easier to sift all those unwanted creeps out of your life. Imagine....

Living in a close-up community far away from your motherland (where you'd have your family and friends whom you'd know and who knows you well inside) you'll bound to meet new jackheads every now and then.

I know it is called socialising, but the thing is, i cannot be my true self when im around certain group of people. I'm just not taken by their way of mingling and 'socialising'.

I have tried to be myself and telling me, that i need to be nice to them; perhaps some people needed more time to understand the 'planet' that i came from.
I tried.
I do received cold shoulders from some of these people.
I tried again; because i remember some advice; you gotta give it a try after the first one failed.
It is the same when you gave a salam before entering into someone's house; if by the third, no one in the house reply to it, even though the door is wide open; you better get make a move.

Hence, today, after giving it a thought i told myself; okay; you have tried.
Not your fault if these morons just want to behave like how they do towards you.
My life still goes on.
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