Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ageless Beauty

I read with much surprised one woman's journey to beauty ended up with her going 6 feet under!
It not my intentions to be mean but come to think of it...what was it all for besides her own satisfaction, perhaps; which also derives from receiving comments from friends and also making sure that the husband will stay put although the eyes will absolutely be straying still...

You go down to the hospital, don the operation room's uniform and be put lying down on the bed, hoping that when you're awake, you'll have ;

1. the bridge of your nose will be higher and the nostril will be smaller
2. sunked-in cheek
3. pointed chin
4. axed double chin
5. lest droopy eyes

But, that is if you wake up, AGAIN....

Gosh, i mean, im a woman. It does come to my thought too, perhaps to have some eyebrow lift, but i tell you it will only be in that thought area, forever (i hope). I will not have myself going thru some pain around my face; intentionally, for the sake of beauty.
How long can it last anyway?
Of course, i will also not let some dermatologist jab my face with that B thing. I wouldn't want to look like some sort of clown with plastic-stretched face walking around feeling proud that i look younger than my years. Duhhhh......

Yes, i admit to spending thousands for beauty purpose. And everytime after swiping my card d'blanc, i swear that i will not again pay that much for those products...nevertheless, i failed.
It also makes me wonder when meeting with my schoolmate. The last time she went for a facial was like five years ago, and i don't see she's having much problems on her face at all.
So, could it also be that all those beauty products that sells thousands of bucks don't actually work well. Or, perhaps, when you started using one, you'll need to continuously use it to avoid some blemishes on your face.Maybe...although the supposed to be 'beautician' would be telling you that, "oohhh, you wont realised now","oohhh, the result will only be visible when you're late 40's and by then it will be too late",..blablabla......

All in all, women will always succumb to preserving their beauty for whatever reasons with whatever means.

And perhaps, the agless beauty course wont be make me be the Lara Croft of the man made Beauty World.
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