Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Internet oh internet

Living in this internet and world wide web era does give people a sort of dependency towards certain subject; in which if you failed to get something done via it, you're gonna be a bit crankier; me at least.
Just like when your mobile is out of battery when you're really desperate to make that important call or when you store all your contact number and did not have another back-up; and your phone went missing or stolen.

My router have had some problem lately; which i thought it might due to the weather whatnot. But after really failing to log in to the explorer, and double checking the wifi near my place, we finally decided to call the technician which only managed to come the second day after we lodged the report.

Thus, i've been unable to confirm an appointment made via email, and being so dependable on the net, i didn't even jot down the phone number of that person which we intend to meet to view some items.
I also have been depending on SKYPE for all my business and personal international phone call, so for that two days im unable to get certain things done as planned.

Same goes to blogspot.com when they'd advice fellow bloggers to back-up our logs and so on. I haven't done that because im just very lazy to have to go one by one on the method of doing so, and all these html terms; they are jargon to me.

Im quite satisfied after the nice technician came by to fix my router and even before he left the house i have started to log in to SKYPE and ready to make some phone calls.
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