Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Some other use of rosary

Man charged with unnatural sex using prayer beads

SHAH ALAM: A Kuala Lumpur City Hall general worker pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court here Tuesday to committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature on a beautician without her consent.

Kamarul Zaman Abdul Rashid, 44, who wore green Baju Melayu was charged under Section 377CA of the Penal Code which is punishable with up to 20 years in jail and whipping if convicted.

He was alleged to have inserted prayer beads and finger into the woman’s vagina at a house No.6, Block G (E Tambahan), Kampung Melayu Sri Kundang, Kuang, Rawang, at 11.30am, Nov 15.
Kamarul Zaman was arrested on Nov 19.
In applying for bail, defence lawyer Simon Sabapathy said Kamarul Zaman was married and had to provide for his five children aged between three and 19 years as well as his parents.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Salwa Asmary Abdul Rahim objected to the application and said that if Kamarul Zaman was allowed bail, the amount should be high and additional conditions should be imposed.
The reason she gave was that such a case occurred frequently and could make the people worried.

Judge Wan Mohd Norisham Wan Yaakob later fixed the bail at RM6,000 with one surety and ordered the accused to surrender his passport to the court and to report to a nearby police station every month.
He also warned Kamarul Zaman not to harass the victim and set March 10 next year for trial.

-- Bernama

Hahahahaha.....this really had me laughing like crazy.
Good god.
I'm sure my intentions to learn psychology would be all beneficial and just in time; with all these maniacs living around us.
Things that made me wonder though;

1) why in the world she allows him to insert it 'there', and how can that be without her consent, when she is the one, i would assume so, pulled her pants down for him voluntarily.

2) he might want to check out some other sex toys than using prayers beads/rosary

3) typical of guilt-ridden morons; baju melayu/baju kurung would be their choice for hearing
probably hoping to get reduced sentences, duuhhhh........(like typical drama melayu)

4) this is why man are given the privilege to marry more than one (no, not for inserting beads, dumb!)
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