Friday, 21 November 2008

PoliTIKUS(ie.Melayu politician=rat in the eye of other race)

It has been like what,...3 or 4 months i had not post anything regarding Malaysia political scenario. Actually i'm not bothered much as there had not been any unexpected circumstances or changes that is prominent enough to talk or write about.

It has been the same old bullshit played innovatively by all the freakin clowns of Malaysian politicians namely the top two jokers. Hip Hip Hooray.... pusing pusing tang tu jugak.
The best part is Najib's statement that he 'pledged' to continue the Pak Lah's new way of Islam; the Hadhari Islam...(what ever he thought that it is better the the one brought down to us Muslims by Allah (swt) thru his messenger prophet Muhammad (saw).

Perhaps that pledge must be his silence cum invisible nod to Pak Lah saying "don't squeeze my balls too hard Pak"..or..."you scratch my back i scratch yours"....or better still; you squeeze mine, i squeez yours! Duhhhh.....
What the hell?
It must be because Pak Lah and the gang worked something out and got Najib's buddy out of the four walls during his tenure cause, Najib cant be doing it while he is at the top; hence, Pak Lah in return would be managing the whole jinbangs while Najib will permanently be the puppet and mind you, he will make sure of this until his beloved and most powerful SIL Mr Beruk taken into office of some important ministry. And the story goes on......

Cut all those craps.
I hate the political upheaval in Malaysia; the land that has always been a favourite for people any where to take control and administered. From the British, to Japanese, Portuguese and not forgetting the Communist. Now, we have an insider job; namely the other minority race.....ehem...perhaps they are trying to behave like parasite?

I know my father is good in killing all sorta his garden i mean.

Btw, i would like to append in another posting today, one poetry (puisi) by Kadir Jasin, a well known person in print media ever since. I love what he has to say about the country i was born and raised, perhaps be buried too.

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