Thursday, 31 July 2008


I've always fancy an explorer.

They never failed to amazed me with their courage and determination. Be it land or sea. To me they have got certain set of thinking. To discover, uncover and solve mysteries surrounding our planet from those period.

I was watching one documentary on ocean explorer searching for the City of Atlantis.

Their determination and persistency in getting to what they believe was very intense and encouraging. I have to say this; unlike Malaysian 'explorer' especially those politically advanced, i reckon the real explorer faced steep challenges especially in getting financial support.
(Was telling myself that i would recommend those explorer to get Malaysian citizenship, and later propose the government on doing some exploration job like this one. Surely they would be grated millions of dollars, mind you perhaps quarter of it must be given back to the broker...hehehehehe)

Well, as everyone would have known and read, City of Atlantis exist to those who believe and myth to those skeptics; it's either myth or fact.

It is described that the city sat just outside the outer ring of water and spread across the plain covering a circle of more than ten miles with majority of the population lived on farming.
The climate was described as fare, unlike in some movie we saw, depicting the city to be totally underwater.

Their people are called Atlanteans ruled by the god of sea called Poseidon. The story goes on until the city was one day submerged by huge tsunami caused by great earth quake created by god due to their people's obsessions to fighting for power etc.

Nonetheless, the other thing that left me wondering was, during all those period, or during the Egyptian Pharaohs period, where were the Asian? The Malays in particular.

Who are the early people of South East Asian?
My great ancestors; what were they doing during that time.Do they already exist?

I know the Malay archipelagos ( has been in existence although not as old as other cultures namely the Egyptians or the Arabian peninsular and their counterpart. And the original people of Malaysia especially are native people ( i dunno where they came from and why do they look like they are) and that the Malays originated from Indonesian islands, Chinese from China, Indians from India and the rest.

But still my questions are;

1.Why the Arabian and Europeans are the smartest lot on earth during that time and the latter still now.

2. Why are they more adventurous than the Asian (Chinese exceptional)

3. Why are they smarter (although i read somewhere that climate changes makes one culture more innovative than single climate one)

4. Does that makes us Asian (SEA) the substandard lot?

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