Tuesday, 22 July 2008


The dreaded wee hours call took place...
It was on 29th July that we received a call informing that my mother in law had been admitted to the hospital and three hours later to the ICU.
While my husband is out to get a plane ticket back, i received his call informing me that she had gone, forever.

I cant actually describe and tell the feeling i had because I'm too busy trying to feel for him. I pitied him and wanting to offer more than just mere presence. He was in a shock but very composed. I remembered him telling me that he felt like he is in a dream while we were on our way to get tickets back.

We managed to get 3 tickets back home after much persuasion, from me of course. I know these airlines do have seats for emergencies like this one and its a matter of how we are willing to "request" it from them.

This is what one must be willing to face when we are based out of the country. The thought that the whole journey back would not grant us to give our last respect and having to see her for the final time is disheartening.
Thank God that our little girl is around to humor us with her cunningness and keeping our hands full.

We arrived to find that my father in law too had been down by what else if it wasn't the killer dengue. The sadness of losing one beloved person had been clouded with the possibility of losing one more. He was taken to the ICU the next couple of day for one week.
Thank God, he was released after two weeks and now staying with sister in law indefinitely.

Until now, its kinda hard for me to imagine that my husband had lost his mother, i had lost a mother in law, and it all happen at the least expected time. She was a tall woman, strong and enterprising, and quite determined. No complaint on any sickness except for hereditary diabetic.
Now she wont be around asking me on hows things, or picking up my sticky daughter while she tries her best to slip off her arms every time, asking my husband on foods over here, so on and so forth.

I would think it would be harder for my father in law because after over 35 years of living and doing things together it must be awkward to start all over again...alone.
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