Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Halal & Haram

It's driving me nuts.

I came across an article on foodstuff sold on our local shelves and found out that most of my favourites are considered not halal. You know, they have all those fancy codes for references and terms they'd use to denote certain ingredients in foodstuff.

Most of my not halal fav are ice creams (yummy...) and chocolates; well chocolates might not be that bad of a hit because after tasting the world's renown brands, we ( me and significant half) agree that Patchi is the best and it is totally out of any of the RED CODE contents...so far.

You know, as a Muslim we are thought on what can be eaten and what not.

We know that the snouty fella cannot be eaten although it is my friend's favourite meat floss and i remember being offered by one classmate during my early primary school year; of course i didnt take it after asking what's the origin of the stuff.

But just how can you actually be so rigid and careful about all the ingredients when most of the foodstuff manufacturer in Malaysia are non-Muslims?

Okay, they have all this bull about HALAL logo, HALAL Hub and so on, but how many thousand chinese businessmen outside there; those who wont be skeptical on selling their own mother and daughter to a pimp, would abide by the insignificant Muslim authorities such as JAKIM and the rest?

Why do they need to pay thousands of RM in order to get the certificates when they can have their counterpart in Balakong or Kepong to do one exactly for them?

And, all these chap in JAKIM and whatever; do you really think they'd go to the ground and conduct all the check-up themselves because i suspect they'd only be on their feet when there's one poor Malay lodged a report on the premises business conduct. I am not belittling their existence, but they are like tadpoles among bigger katak tong!

And hell....even after they had carry an investigation, conduct some ingredients checking and found that the foodstuff contains non-halal ingredients; would they stop the business ? No, they cant. They've got no right to do so, legally. This is because Malaysia is not binded by Syariah law. You cant get someone to wind up their business due to selling not halal food with halal certificates. Fin.

Even those whom are given the real HALAL certificates, and they are found not abiding to the regulations thus the authorities will nullified the certificate. Do you think those chinese guys really will abide to the judgement. After paying off the summons, take a week break and they're rolling again. Who cares?

They know damn well, the Malays in Malaysia loves all the non Malays foodstuff (Malay foodstuff ; kerepek pisang/tapioca/keledek. Non Malay foodstuff; a lot). Even dodol (supposed to be Malay heritage foodstuff) are being manufactured by non-Muslim company.

Who cares when the non Muslim knows darn well that the market for Halal food are so big and they even spread their wings outside the county into some other oblivious Muslim countries in the world especially the oil producing countries. All riding on Muslim (aka Malay) name and HALAL logo by Malaysia authorised body.

The HALAL hub created by the KJ (aka Kambing Jantan) are just a total bull and is a mere facade for collecting additional funds for next election and buying properties overseas.

And to end it all, the article also mentioned that a Muslim of 45 yr, one might have consumed an equivalent of one pig by SHUBHAH. Good God!!!

That is a lot aint it?

halal + shubhah - google search
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