Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Bric-a-brac on life (Of Yin and Yang and Paulo Coelho).

I am in the re-reading zone currently.
Reading back books (yup, I'm a polygamist reader) that suits my current lust need of certain something.

Somehow, Paulo Coelho's repeated sentences "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"...has been the most outstanding statement that lingers in my head.

It has been for days already.

Eventhough I have loads of post on the shilly shally juicy story of Malaysia Prime Minister's accusation of swindling large sum of public money (at one point of time last year, I told myself I am not going to gabble about politics, but I just can't resist), my inner wants still thirst for something more worthy of life and in search of ways and means to cleanse my soul. Which I assume everyone around my age group would do when the time comes -- if it come.
It's natural I guess.

And, yeah, I told my self to hell what the world and the people around me, and other corrupt inhabitants of this world and those greedy people whom greed can never be satisfied.
We human will never have enough of what we have and will always want more.

Thus why reading books that aid mental wellness is great for both the body and soul. It is vital to balance out the energy. Like the Chinese and their Yin and Yang.
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I have been, in my solemn mood, questioning the fact of that particular statement -- when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it--
And to what level would it bring us achieving the something that we want.
And the medium of it.

It would be nice if it does easily.
But I do not think it will be that easy.

I might be the biggest objector to this if I were to know about it 15 years ago.
How can that be when nearly 90% of what I want to achieve at that point of time would definitely run away from me, and instead, those unwanted things or people that I wish I would not come across keeps on knocking at my door.
Yeah, I know. I should've not opened the door and let in those dark clouds in, but hey, that is life -- without it, I wouldn't learn anything at all.

In retrospect, I am ever grateful for all the bad and good things that clouded and shine my way while making my walk through this journey of imperfect but beautiful life.

Experience will result in maturity, and maturity will make us who we are.
Meeting with all sort of human behavior, watching them and getting to know them, learning from mistakes, making certain little self- achievements -- all of those are life experiences that every parents must one day teach their children.

Now, evaluating life per se, I can say there are truth behind Paulo Coelho's statement.
And yes, the universe will conspires in helping you to achieve what you want -- the only fine line that separate the good and bad is our conscience.

Que sera sera....

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