Friday, 30 October 2015

No short skirts please...

Image result for short skirts picInteresting news on ways getting some ladies to learn how to dress appropriately.

In India, a female passenger was prevented from boarding a domestic flight recently.because she was showing too much leg.

I'm sure the too much leg won't be as much as the picture I attached here.. which they're showing not just too much legs but too much bottom chins..ha ha.

Anyway, yeah, i think the carrier --  IndiGo did the right thing.
It seems that her dress "had stopped above the knee" is in violation of rules issued to employees and relatives of staff.

The woman was formerly employed by the airline and was travelling on a special ticket because her sister worked for the company.

"Employees and the nominated family members are required to maintain a specific dress code, as and when they fly with the airline under the staff leisure travel privileges," read an IndiGo statement.

The lady was however allowed onto another flight later after changing her attire.

Now, everyone is happy especially those worrying wives...har har. 
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