Tuesday, 20 October 2015

City floating in the sky of China.

This is one sight to be seen.
I would want to have the experience to see a floating city...just like how I want to one day watch an aurora in the Arctic sky.

The 'floating city' over China's Jiangxi and Foshan scientifically are known as Fata Morgana (learning something new today), a rare type of mirage, an optical illusion caused by specific weather conditions. According to scientific explanations it occurs when the Sun heats up a layer of the atmosphere but the layer of air below it remains cool.

The occurrences was actually caused by different layers of the atmospheric temperatures that generate certain gradient, and our optical senses are playing their roles in giving us all these illusions -- although there are some skeptics who believe this was caused by China's scientists testing their stuff, or an emergence of parallel universe to something called Project Blue Beam, a conspiracy theory which involves NASA and the Illuminati and their One World order -- personally, I'm leaving a few percentage of doubt aside too.  

Anyway, while Fata Morganas are quite rare, the most common optical illusions is called Mirage. It happened in hot area such as desert or quite frequently I see here, along the 20 km stretch highways from Doha to Dukhan, Qatar.
It occurred when light waves from the sun travel straight through the atmosphere to your eye during hot weather because light travels at different speeds through hot and cold air and our brain will in return do their function accordingly.

But my question is -- from where the copy of that floating city over Jiangxi or Foshan came from?.

It must be from near city...or at least the buildings depicted over the sky must really exist nearby.

Otherwise, it is still questionable.

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