Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Niqab no niqab, niqab no niqab, niqab no niqab...

What a sheer malarkey.

There was this issue in Canada surrounding the niqab during the second-longest election campaign in Canadian history.
The ruling Conservative Party - led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken steps to prevent women from wearing it while taking the citizenship oath and also plans to ban the niqab during public ceremonies. Obviously it were met with much dispute.

Now, as it has always been anywhere around the world, there would be fanatics.
Why I say fanatics?...
Because only fanatics would fight for something that is not a requirement of the religion at all.
For example this niqab.

What is the relevance of covering your whole face like some loony,  or sometimes exposing a small window for your eyes to see, when in the religion per se, covering face are forbidden during praying -- a time when you bow and talk to your creator.

To those non- Muslims; you must know that God is not that stringent. Only human make the religion rigid, probably to satiate the man-dominated fatwas or lawmakers.

Niqab to me is absurd.
And men who claimed that all those women don it willingly without any force or dictation from their mahram are just baloney.

You know the country you're living in is not a Muslim country.
You know you have to abide to their laws and regulations.
You are trying to showcase your steadfastness and indirectly you are also showing those non-Muslims that you are non-compromising lots. So, can you not blame them when they conclude that Muslims are strongheaded uncompromising  people.
What comes next need not be said.

Think about it.
When your own God did not expect you to do that when facing him in your prayers, why you you then feeling too obligated to hide your face from the owrld -- and you on the other hand can look at the 'world'?.
Personally, I find women covering their face to be extremely creepy.
Im seeing them loads.
 and even frightening.

I mean, let's put your shoes in their's. The person behind the veil might be someone else.
They might be a man instead of woman.
It happens. Not a fairy tale.

As a liberal person, I have absolutely no tolerance for this extreme form of medieval religious totalitarianism.
And there are no harm sharing your face the the rest of the society.

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