Friday, 9 October 2015

Ass-Licker Politicians.

I understand to be in power in any governmental job must be the dream of many individuals especially those with high ambitions.
Although it comes with great responsibility (if they are genuine and doing their job honestly), it can be lucrative too.
Okay, on the lucrative part -- all of us know that government job wont be paying us much compare to private sector. But it can become lucrative when those in power use their authority and power to make more money to themselves and their cronies and family members.

But to stay in power is not easy too.
Especially not when you have a boss that will terminate your position as and when he like. Especially when those having the small fry power trying to challenge the bigger power.

Just like Muhyiddin Yassin, the ex-deputy prime minister of Malaysia which had been sacked by his boss when he is only 'trying' to going against the boss's traffic flow.
He was sacked.
The AG was sacked.
The two level of Bukit Aman was on fire for no apparent reason and it seems nothing important were stored there. Just some old newspaper...yup. Old newspaper and amazingly the fire is so smart enough to know which level to go to and lit up by it self.
That is one of the ass-licking statement most of us somewhat know will be uttered by all those who want to keep their positions and pensions.

Now, talking about being in power and having to hold on to it, is not that easy when you have hanky panky games going on.
And when that hanky panky involves really scrumptious amount of money public money, it widens up eyes of everyone including authorities locally and abroad.

But to back up any hanky panky wrongdoings of a big boss isn't an easy job.
Just like the newly appointed deputy prime minister of Malaysia, Zahid Hamidi on the millions of dollars of money being played around his boss's and playmates accounts.
He said the money is not Malaysian public money, instead the money was given to his boss by some Middle Eastern "King and Prince”.

Yup...right. Sure.Donations.
He must have forgotten about technology.
He must have overlook a lot of other things because he is too busy trying to come out with reasoning to cover his boss's ass for giving him the new position. And nobody said it is easy.
But he wants it.
Now he gotta cook it.
But he cooked the story without knowing how to balance the salt and pepper.

Easy straight question.

Why would it stated partial payment if it was a form of donation and if it was for the cause of the party, why didn't it goes to the party's account?

"Partial payment" rather than donation
“Partial payment” rather than donation

Like they always say, cut the bullshit.

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