Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Privacy -- Part II

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Beware of what you share.
Talk about privacy...again.

If you ever sometimes feels somebody or something is snooping you in private..think again. It might not be your paranoia.
It might be your nemesis...or your wannabes even your secret admirer. But here's the news -- it might be some 'superpower' checking in on you and what you post.

I have been quite very very careful commenting on goings here in this country..(I refused to even spell the country's name just in case ). What more after the latest law had seen some victims having no-escape route to it.
To date there had been more than four person being held by the police because they;

 1) snap a photos of an accidents involving some local punks (dead in the accident...yayyy) and published it over the net

 2) another one had been (maybe now enjoying) her meals behind bars after she sent WhatsApps messages to her landlord cursing and degrading him because the latter asked her to moved out of the rented house.

Now...don't you think it is so darn easy to get free meals here in this country?...It does.
Thus why I am more than careful here....You see...I have LOADS of things I wanted to tell and write and shoutabout...but I'm practicing 'abstinence' in order for my partner to be able to continue his profession here...hah hah.

Anyway, just one more latest news on our raped privacy via online.

In the US, two senators introduced a bill that would enforce social media firms such as Facebook and Twitter, to warn law enforcement when they detect terrorist activity on their platforms.

They suggested that if they (the companies) become aware of terrorist activity in any form, they have the obligation to report that information to law enforcement.
While they claimed that the companies would not be required “to monitor customers or undertake any additional action” and the bill is not a way to criminalise free speech, I would think it is a sorta handcuffing us in some way or another.

Que sera sera.....
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