Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The truth will prevail...one day.

 It's a shame when political party being led by some desperate scoundrel that has no qualms in using his authoritative power and using draconian method hoping to silence those who dare to voice out against their abuse of power.

Worst when hundreds of other scoundrels rallying behind him sniffing his ass.

The Malay political party of Malaysia; UMNO which commence their yearly general assembly today will be witnessing something out of the ordinary and certain things that had never been done before will be take place.
It seems the security will be much tighter...God knows why.
But, forget all those. The most important thing that have been carried on for so long will be the speech by both the President and the Deputy.
However, this time the Deputy -- who is also the sacked Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin will not be given the privillege to do so. But why?
We must ask.
What does a cabinet post has anything to do with party post?

 The General Assembly which will run until 12 December will unfortunately, time and again witnessing ass-licker, yes-man and robots congregation. Nothing more than that.
If there had been too many issue with the President who is also the prime Minister of the country..if what ever baloney that he and his sheep had been failing to cover up because it was too obvious -- boycott the assembly!

But again, who how many on earth will have the guts voicing out against some super power (so they thought).

Nonetheless, Muhyiddin, trusting his honesty will somehow garnered acceptance and will be listened to,  organised his own gathering last night; a night before the general assembly.
I salute him for doing so.
The truth will prevail. This is what scares the superpower and his sheep.
I am a firm believer that the truth will definitely one day emerged somehow, somewhere. No matter how you try to hide, it show itself.

In God we trust.

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