Sunday, 6 December 2015

More Monkey Business...

1383115660_ea42144e6d_zThis got me really amused.

Truthfully, I didn't know things such as what I found out today existed...I mean, with all things 'american' and with their politically-correct way of doing things and saying things -- I seriously didn't know that there are group(s) that will boycott monkey-picked coconuts!

I mean, like these people (westerners) in the first place do not have coconut in their country -- we all know that.
And for Asian, especially South East Asian, we have it in abundance -- so basically, centuries ago our ancestor just know what to do with it, and how to deal with it. And we do, do things differently than you people you know.

When it come to coconut, we Asian have been exposed to this plant ever since we know how to crawl. It is everyhwre in the village area, or by the sea, and even behind our house. We learnt in Geography how it is planted, harvested, what we can do from the leaves right up to the fruit.
Thus watching monkey picking coconut is now new.
Yes, there are people who'd climb the tree for meager fees in small small village, but it is just easily done by monkey.

And who say the monkey isn't well taken care of?
Do they made some private call to your protection office to complaint?...Duhhh....
What do you westerners expect? For the monkeys to be sheltered and have their own separate room with tv and fridge?
Darn me.

I came across this webpage after doing some digging on the past year's craze over everything coconutty.
From the milk to the flesh.
It's the current superfood it seems...I reckon we SEA, especially the Malays must be so darn healthy because we eat almost everything from main dish to deserts made with coconut milk and let me tell you -- the best 'nasi lemak' would be the one that uses the real coconut milk instead a drop or two oil by some health conscious roadside seller -- to me only spells ugly taste and greed of wanting to make profit by quelling the originality.

One thing for sure; and one thing to prove some of them are seriously oblivious to the origin of coconut milk; I read a thread and these westerners were 'debating' on how to get coconut milk naturally -- instead of buying the carton ones that might be laced by BPA thingy (again, americans paranoia) one of them suggested dig open the hull -- using drilling equipment..(har har!!  and just poke it open and put in a straw , viola one can drink the milk straight from the fruit!
Coconut milk straight on.
How oblivious can one be.
When someone who can go on the net, have access to all sort of information, if one can't make the effort to really check out what is coconut milk and coconut water -- it basically spells their nature of believing that they are smarter than others (especially non-westerners) and know everything around the world even though they haven't' set an eye on a coconut tree in their lives before.

Anyway, coming back to the webpage that have too much of a concern that monkeys are maltreated by human, they will announce name of companies that DO NOT use monkeys so concern end-users will only buy from listed organisations.
According to them "these companies engage in ethical business practices, ensuring human workers are properly compensated for their work. They do not use monkeys or human children to harvest coconuts."
 It got me laughing...again..thinking about the monkey that my dad rush to pick coconuts behind my grandmother's house couple of years ago because it was in abundance and were being left to rot -- which the monkey refused (snobbishly..yes, no joke)...and were made known later by the handler ; monkey do not appreciate any kind of remark or rushing for him to climb!...Seriously! Now, what say you...   

To those westerners.. my shout out would be  -- Hey, the monkeys aren't complaining, so why are you?! ha ha..

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