Friday, 11 December 2015

Malaysia's political mob of sheep.

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Mob of sheep baa-baaing their leader, although the leader is leading them to deep shit hole.
Oh wait...he's innocence until proven guilty right?
Yeah, who can blame them. They might be paid to get all so enthusiastic to the guy (their leader) whom had, for the love of dignity, being called to New York for an investigation of large 'meddling' of a sovereign wealth fund that he oversees. SUCH A SHAME!!
And local sheep would not want to accept the reality of it. Maybe half of them don't even read out of their mainstream.

Just so you sheep know; and I will repeat it again and again --your beloved protagonist was couple of months ago had to kowtow to American's Justice Department that investigates international corruption.
Although these Americans doesn't give a bull and crap about what's going on in your own backyard, they are actually acting after receiving some brave men reports and is focusing on properties in the US that were purchased in recent years by shell companies that belong to his stepson as well as other real estate connected to a close family friend.

Investigators are also looking at a $681 million payment made to what is believed to be his personal bank account.

I have had a couple of occasions during 'touching-base' visit to extended family; normal chit chat led to political talk.
Mind you in  both occasion; these are people who i) very active in real politics and is close to some people up there; and ii) who is quite close to those who run (not technically) one state of the country.
The fact that both do not know about supplemental stories of his (Najib) stepson extravagant lifestyle and activities back in the States and NOT even knowing about the super-complete-of-all- vices movie The Wolf of Wall Street; it got me thinking what do these people actually know.
To what extend is their exposure of the real goingons?
Or is it because they are being the typical "frog underneath coconut shell" (this is my direct translation to the Malay proverb which means frog which stays under a coconut shell will think that the shell is their world -- even though we know that frog DO NOT live under a coconut shell. For whatever reason behind the proverb-- sometimes I think Malay people those days do not do lots of research before creating a good useful proverb) Thus the frog will live life without any  knowledge of things or happenings outside of it's 'world' and remains ignorant but is happy with it.

The most astonishing part was remark from one of them; who is the one that's quite active politically -- his claim of the current economy and people are happy and everything is well and okay (with an absolute proud UMNO face) got me taken aback. Really.

Truth be told. He was so darn oblivious.
Perhaps that views were the actual representation of 'voices' of those majority out of the city people.
They don't live life driving on jammed packed roads daily. Paying high tolls everywhere eventhough the roads are still jammed up for the sake of getting home to families if not the caretaker will charge extra for late pick-ups.
They do not have to pay high rental houses or small flats to stay nearer to their workplace, they do not have to pay extra 30 percent for raw food or even cooked food from stalls and restaurants in their vicinity and they obviously won't feel a pinch when their houses were in walking distance to minimart and market or banks in their small teeny weeny little kampung.
And I bet their full tank of petrol can lasts him two weeks or more -- Let me say this to them -- "People like you are the reason why scumbags like Najib and other delusional ministers survived in this country!! "...


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