Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Unaccepted modernisation.

Since being brought up and went through primary and secondary years in a mix races environment, it won't be too much if I consider my exposure to other cultures and their belief are better off compare to say...those who hailed from places where there'd be too concentrated with only certain race. 

Now let me give two separate scenario on what I meant by lack exposure or interaction with other races.
Of course besides being oblivious the adaptation of the ever so favourite 'i don't care much' is the reason behind one person knowing and one not.
First scenario would be when one Malaysian doesn't know that a chicken needed to be slaughtered properly in accordance to the Islamic way for her Muslim friend to consumed, instead of offering the cooked chicken by saying it's halal. It's a chicken (and not pork).
Second example would be a Malaysian doesn't know that the Chinese people will be celebrating their Lunar New Year although their belief is Christianity. Chinese New Year (CNY) is a cultural celebration instead of religious one per se. And that the Buddist celebrate Wesak.

Usual of me to divert.
What actually moved me to pin my thought on races and celebrations was basically the CNY which is just around the corner. And listening to songs via the web playing modern and evergreen CNY songs,  I was rather bemused today when one song to the beat of children's 'Are you Sleeping Brother John' came to air.

At that instance my thought just wondered  why on earth do they (both composers, song writers and radio stations) need spoil the whole thing especially the unforgiving evergreen remix!
Do they want to get the younger generations to listen to it? Or to give some old songs a twist. Either one I still think it's killing the whole meaning to those kind of songs.

I wonder where have all the lovely songs which Im accustomed to hearing when the celebration is around the corner since small? Why can't the DJ play them more?
And why do these composers need to use the children song and turn it into their CNY song?
Are they crazy or it's just me unable to accept certain 'modernasitation'?

You see, this doesn't just happen to the Chinese songs, the market will also be flooded with newer artiste singing songs of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri when it comes to the eid fitr celebration.
I loathed those kind of songs and mind you I have heard one that being done in a Rock genre. Whatmore the hip ho!.
Don't they feel silly at all?
Better still when they wear the traditional Malay baju Melayu hip hopping singing the Hari Raya song?

I don't have to wonder why the latter generations are lack sensitivity, lack finesse and slacking in almost anything they should be cherishing such as the yesteryears.
I think in a long run, when such sentiment being slowly inculcate, younger generations will be one that slacking affection towards the past things such as history, situation and people or those things that came earlier than them.
Won't be surprised when they grow up they will be dense in learning and appreciating the past but only want to know about now and future.  

We are what we do.
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