Wednesday, 11 January 2012

...and the reality again...

Chua: Accept political reality that Chinese-based party cannot form govt.
KLUANG: The Chinese must accept the political reality that any Chinese-based political party would not be able to form a government in this country, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
Instead, they must cooperate with Malay-based political parties, he said.

"Look at Pakatan Rakyat. It is obvious that PAS is going to be the dominant party. We must understand that PAS' political agenda is to implement Islamic and hudud laws in this country,” he told reporters after attending the 65th anniversary dinner of Kluang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry here Saturday.

Chua said the two-party system propagated by DAP would thus become a "two-race system".

"If all Chinese support opposition, there would be a loss in representation in the Government," he said.

The Chinese outside the government and the Malays in the government, this will be unhealthy and bad for integration and social cohesion,” he said.
On another matter, Dr Chua said the bilateral relationship between Singapore and Malaysia had showed a good sign by moving one step further.

"We are happy with the improving relationship between the two countries and it means lot to the Johoreans," he said.
"It would bring more development to Iskandar Malaysia, which would lead to more economic and job opportunities for Malaysians," he said.

Dr Chua suggested that Malaysia and Singapore conduct joint promotions focussing on tourism attractions in both countries.

"Singapore has its concrete jungle while we have natural jungles in Johor. It will be good if the two countries package these two types of tourism products together," he said.


How can a country which was fought by the Malays from being conquered by the British, invaded by the communist, encroached by the fierce Japanese army and not forgetting The Portuguese whom were  led by Vasco de Gama trying to take control of Malacca.

All those aliens were fought and shooed away by the Malays.
Lots of lives and blood were shed in the process.

Thus why if any other races fancy wanting to claimed this country and have the intentions to rule -- it's a NO - NO.
We're not the American.
We don't play 'wayang kulit' and let some Black to take helm of the country and doing it just when they knew damn well that the economy will be plunging as deep as Dolly's cleavage.

The Malays are fine and good enough not shooing off but accepting the great great grandparents of the Indians and Chinese. denying. We need them in both the plantations and mining during those time, and when the latter who are more shrewed and smart in business started taking control of the financial aspect of the economy.
So, lets just stay there.

It is true what Chua said "iinstead, they must cooperate with Malay-based political parties"....and I say -- like it or not :)


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