Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Money Is Honey

Money is honey.
When you need it, you'll do everything for it...

That's what happened here in Doha, a small city I love to believe a pot of gold where every tom, dick and harry from India, the Philipines, the Brits and other countries hoards to happily, not until you dig too deep inside.

With disgust I read in the local newspaper here when several students were being held for hours after their parents failed to pay their schooling fees.
Yup, in this country, if you're an expat, you'll need to fork out chunks of money to pay for schooling fees. I do not know about the Arabic schools though.

It was rather new to me when I first arrived here because back in Malaysia we only pay chunks when we send our kiddos to international school (the real ones or the wannabes) and other mushrooming private school which carries the education syllabus but have other extra subjects or maybe offer an excellent way of teaching for that extra ummphh here and there ( or as how the principle or owners market it).

Coming back to the local scene, which happened 'quite' normally now it seems, the private school detained those unfortunate children (for their parents wrongdoings I'd say) for about six hours in a room in the school allegedly without food or drinks and also being barred even to go to the toilet.
They were forced to stay inside the room throughout the school hours – from 7am to 1pm.
According to a newspaper report, a watchman was being allocated there to ensure that they didn'tgo out of the room. Well, doesn't that sounds cruel?

One lady says she came to know about the incident when her daughter came back from the school weeping. When she was informed of the incidents and they are not allowed to attend school until they pay the arrears.
To me both also at fault here.
The parents. I'm sure they were given ample time and reminder and still stubborn to pay.
The Director. If you don't have enough cash-flow to be in the business and afraid you can't pay your staff, you can either check the parents financial status before admitting the children or maybe impose an interest for every late pay day?....No?

The basic fundamental of education and medical service had been altered to the max....duuhhhh.
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