Friday, 13 January 2012

Not everyone can fly now...

BBC News - Air Asia X ends European and Indian flights

Malaysia's budget airline Air Asia has said it will end flights to Europe
and India because of high fuel prices and weak demand.
The carrier's cheap
long-haul associate airline, Air Asia X, will instead focus on new routes and
expanding in its core markets of Australia and East Asia.
Air Asia will end
its flights to India in February and stop flying to London and Paris after the
end of March.
Looks like Not Everyone Can Fly now, especially to Malaysian favourite city London and Paris.

The somehow not so shocking news (because in my opinion the price they offered are way too low for a long haul flights) the largest budget carrier in the region decided to end flights to the European sector after the first quarter of the year.

Hopefully 2012 will not see more sectors being eliminated by the carrier.
Having less than 24 months serving Paris after Air Asia launched it's maiden flight and putting hope of  flying to the love city of the world, hoards of Malaysians who had been jubilant must feel heartbroken but on the other hand making it's 'competitor' Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) the national carrier a happier lot.

I remember having read many friends post in facebook on their holidays to Paris and that include my cousin and the family.

The decision to end those route was mainly due to it's costs and the sluggish economy.

Besides Paris and London other route that will be halted is Mumbai.

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