Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bon Mot Christians!

The Churches in Malaysia recently took the bold stand and told Malaysia prime minister Najib Razak to respect the law and  remove all anti-Christian rules and policies.

The leader of one local group representing over 90 per cent of churches in the country told Najib to remove rules and policies that have seen Malaysian Christians being the victim of bureaucracy and regulations. In a strongly-worded statement or 'kurang ajar' as some UMNO hardcore would put it, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) asked the premier to check the growing systematic religious attacks against Christians nationwide over the past one year.

The head of the CFM also told Najib to act and stop the attempts to “murder” and “destroy” his commitment and legacy to religious moderation he is championing...hmmm....that is quite strong no doubt. And  I wonder what Rosmah's reaction to this statement.

He also had been urged to set up a non-Muslim religious affairs ministry to safeguard and protect the interests and rights of not only Christians but Buddhists, Sikhs, Taoists and Hindus in hoping there'd be maximum consultation in respect of the structure and operations of the ministry.

They are asking a lot here in my opinion.
I wonder again, what is not enough with what the government had been giving them all the while with churches, temples mushrooming here and there.
Maybe this is just an attempt of them seeking opportunity to grab Najib's attention because -- yes, again -- the General Election which is just around the corner.
And they are so sure that Najib and his government will have to fulfill the needs and wants of almost everyone and every parties in order to garner vote in order to stay on leading the prosperous country.

Without hesitations the statement also mentioned that Christian leaders were not naïve enough to assume their religious issues would be solved without the commitment and collaboration of all other ministries and organs of government pressing on the taboo matter yet again -- to lift the government ban against Christians using the word “Allah” to also refer to their god.

They are smart enough to seek this opportunity and claimed to be victimised that Christians were now resorting to raising their issues publicly because it was the most effective way for the government to take action.

In what I would say laced with hints of political sentiments the church leader also said that there is a very wide and alarming disconnect between what Najib wanted to see materialised to what is actually happening on the ground.

And amazingly all these were being said after they had lunch meeting together.
The ministry also came out with their own statement later promising 'full engagement and consultation' on Christian issues starting with the mission schools, Bible knowledge education and tax-exemption status for the creed’s organisations in what is seen as an attempt to repair relations with churches.

Bon mot Christians! ....and as usual...I'm still wondering what more do they want.
Haven't they got enough already? duhhhh......

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