Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Summer officially here...

Well, today is it official that summer is hitting the coast of Qatar.
At 7pm the air is differently hot than the usual daytime heat, and the winds blowing it's hot air continuously till late evening, which at the same time yesterday, while taking a walk by the quiet beach near the house, the weather is so beautifully nice and windy.How, in just a day the weather changed...
Thus go my day time galavanting out in the outside during day time, and majority of human folks will be crowding the malls and shops in the evening to do their shoppings.
And talking about this, I know the trees, dates trees to be exact; will be the indication of the weather changes. I was sometime, early this year complaining that the winter doesn't feel as chilly as it used to be in 2008 when compare month to month.
But after seeing the shoots of dates emerging in an early month of March, I know that nature just know and will takes its own course. They'll know when to start and when to stop....all in the hand of God almighty.

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