Friday, 7 May 2010

Shooting gone wrong....

A couple sues police for RM4.75m

SHAH ALAM: A couple and another have filed a suit, seeking RM4.75 million in damages from the police and the government, over a shooting incident last year.

Siti Nasrinda Tumirin, 23, and her husband, Mohd Fauzi Mohd Daud, 26, filed the suit through the legal firm of M.Manoharan & Co at the High Court registry here today.

Besides Siti Nasrinda and her husband, the other person named as plaintiff in the suit is Siti Nasrinda's father-in-law, Mohd Daud Ab Hamid, 51.

They named Constable Razlan Mohd Khairi, Corporal Abdul Wahab Ishak, Klang district police chief ACP Mohamad Mat Yusof, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and the Malaysian government as defendants.

In the statement of claim, Siti Nasrinda said that she and Mohd Fauzi, who were not yet married then, were chatting in a car which was parked at the Taman Perumahan Sungai Keramat in Klang Utama, about 8.30pm on Aug 19, 2009, when a patrol car, with Razlan and Abdul Wahab inside, approached from the opposite direction and flashed a light at them.

Frightened, Mohd Fauzi then drove away, but was pursued by the police and during the chase, the policemen fired several shots at them.

Siti Nasrinda claimed that one of shots grazed her back and waist.

Realising that she was injured, she said, Mohd Fauzi stopped the car and was then detained.
Siti Nasrinda and Mohd Fauzi pleaded that the two policemen had failed to discharge their duties responsibly and want a court declaration that the defendants had violated Article 5 of the Federal Constitution, as well as provisions in the Police Act.

They are also seeking a court declaration that Razlan and Abdul Wahab had committed an attempted murder.

Besides seeking the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate their complaints, Siti Nasrinda, Mohd Fauzi and Mohd Daud also want an order to be issued for all policemen in the country to carry a baton instead of firearms.

The three plaintiffs are seeking general damages of RM1.75 million and RM3 million in aggravated damages, with interests. - Bernama


Hmmm....them seeking the setting up of a RCI little chance but might be considered after recent case of 'free-shooting', but an order to be issued for all policemen in the country to carry a baton instead of firearms? Definitely not be entertained.
Whatmore with the country now infested with evil in disguise who'd carry more fully automated machines than just a normal Smith & Wesson 3.8 revolver.

This is another case of trigger-happy police of Royal Malaysian Police.

Not saying bad about the Malaysian policemen, it happens elsewhere around the world too, but when it get too often, then it's kinda frightening.
I don't want to be visited by some flying bullet while walking near Bukit Bintang area...(ehemm.....vices tend to inhabit this area more than others)

Anyway, I sure think that it is the policeman fault. Maybe it is also because he had been counting days and was eager to gun people matter who.

Perhaps he was having some tough time at home or in the department?...which make me wonder whether do our policemen in the country were given counselling time....just to eased up some stress you know.

It's a pity that civilian must suffer due to some kind of disability came forth from a member of a police force and failing to judge the seriousness or dangerousness of each case or moment encountered.

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