Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Teenage entrepreneurs.

"Here is one indicator of the allure of Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial culture: Diane Keng just launched her third start-up -- and she is still in high school.

In March, the 18-year-old launched Internet company to help teens manage their digital lives and social-network identities in one place. She is now pitching the company to venture capitalists, and earlier this week presented at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco......" more.


This is what I call a well-taken opportunity, 'properly- used' brain and of course, not forgetting Mr Luck. Those three play quite an important role in anyone life in pursuing their intentions to gain betterment in life.

I remember going to a friend's office in Shah Alam Malaysia. It was an American company, Hunter Douglas which niche business in architectural products, window coverings and home improvement ~ i remember reading the glass wall about the company's vision and mission besides the late founder's indication to success.
It was stated that 20% of luck plays a part in getting where you wanna get to in life.
(hmmmm....tell that to those who doesn't believe in one. And 20% is quite a percentage)

Nevertheless, in this young girl's case, it is also the assistance she acquired from the father who is a VC...and that my friend, can bring you any type of business you want to venture, because without, things might not be as flowery as it is, I guess....:)

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