Friday, 21 May 2010


I know from long ago I'm made of my right brain rather than the sluggish left side....hahaha.

Foreign language, besides arts, which had been introduced to me by my father since the age of six or seven, had always been very inspiring.
Learning new words of languages that I'm aware of; be it Bahasa Melayu, my mother tongue or English and the sparse ones like Bahasa Indonesia (hhmmm, now me wondering whether this can be counted as one or would it be group together with Bahasa Melayu?), French, Cantonese and newly created words (and some accepted in international dictionaries you know) never fail to interest and excite me.

Today I learnt that my third and fourth syllable had been use to name one species of fish somewhere in the America (?)'s called FISHZILLA.
That is really funny.
Even more funnier when people also use that to remember another person.
One cheeky supplier during my involvement in the heavy haulage business in late 90s referred me as Godzilla. No joke.
He showed me his mobile entry to my number!!

Anyway, it made me laugh that they actually took Godzilla's, the fictional Japanese monster that used to made me glued to the box during childhood time fame name in order to picture something huge.

Wonder why not from King Kong.
FishKong....or KongFish?....No?
Maybe Godzilla existed earlier than the King of ape...

Anyway, here the list of ZILLA that I know of...

Shazilla (the ever loner, cyinical and people hater monster)
Godzilla (the Jap evergreen and angry monster)
Mozilla (the firefox internet buster)
Fishzilla (the catfish look alike monster....although he doesn't look monstrous a bit)
and...there's one on the X-rated side too.

That's about it at the moment....i'll add on if I know some more.
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