Friday, 7 May 2010

Inspired by violent rhetoric....lets kill!

Times Square Suspect Drew Inspiration From Militant Cleric -

"Inspired by violent rhetoric"?
Just what kind of inspiration is this when it only spells killing and killing more people?
Because of all these fanatics living and emerging from these certain countries, and those who would be carrying Islam as their religion; all other Muslims around the world are facing tough times going in to countries especially the United States for genuine purposes such as work and business.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
These fanatics claimed they fight in the name of Islam, thus making their death, if they died; a syahid or died as a martyrs, which will enable them go straight to heaven.
But do they know the histories and stories of Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself. Of all his battle.
These people, if their reason is just killing one person that supposedly to be there around that specific time; can't they just take the person alone.
Why bombing and killing other people in the vicinity?
What is their real intentions?

Eventually, the one who would be carrying the bad reputation is non other than the religion itself.
No matter where you came from. For as long as you're a Muslim, worst still if you wear hijab, or men with Arabic features with bushy beard.

A friend who is a Malaysian, but not a Muslim had tough time going into one country because his name has an 'Al' there.
For those of you who are not familiar, in Malaysian identity card (ID) and passport; those who are Muslims has Bin or Binti in between their name and the father's. But for those non-Muslim, especially the Indians, they'd indicate A/L which stands for Anak Lelaki (translate ;Son Of)
The reason was, when interrogated, they (the emigrations) assumed that AL stands for Al as in some Arabic surname.

This indicent and others around the world, adds on to the continuation of the US President chanting that "a war against global terrorism, not against Islam" again and again. Maybe lesser during Barrack Obama's office because he need to buffer that damage done by the Bushes.

So when will we able able to stripped Islam off as a 'violence-prone' religion?
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