Monday, 24 May 2010

Shut-up you rascals....

Duo who asked Samy Vellu to step down sacked.

KUALA LUMPUR: The MIC has sacked Central Working Committee members KP Samy and G. Kumar Aamaan for 'acting against party interests', party sources said.

The duo had asked party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu to step down.

KP Samy and Kumar Aamaan confirmed receiving their expulsion letters
Monday evening. Both had backed former party youth deputy leader V. Mugilan, who was sacked last week, in demanding that Samy Vellu vacate his post
as soon as possible.

KP Samy said his letter was similar to the one Mugilan received that quoted articles 14.2.1 and 58(2) of the party constitution. He said he would be holding a press conference on his next course of action.

When contacted, Kumar Aamaan said the public would sympathise with him over his sacking.

“God will know what to do and the Prime Minister will decide what action to take,” he added.

Meanwhile, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) lodged a police report against the Anti-Samy Vellu Movement (GAS) fearing the movement's actions could spark outrage in the Indian community.

Kuala Lumpur Development Crime Prevention and Anti-Drugs Volunteer Force Organisation PREVENT) president Jeevan S. Ramamurthy said he fears the movement's claim that they would distribute a CD of Samy Vellu.

“We are worried that this video would be damaging and seditious in nature and as such cause serious unrest within the Indian community,” he said after lodging the report at the Brickfields police station on Monday.

He urged the police to investigate the contents of the video and act on it if the
contents were deemed offensive.

Jeevan also urged the police to take action against the movement's organisers if they continued with their plan to organise a gathering without a permit scheduled to be held on May 30.

A group of disgruntled MIC grassroots leaders, including sacked deputy Youth
leader V. Mugilan, had announced the plans to set up the movement on Saturday to
push for the immediate resignation of the party president.

Mugilan said the movement, to be launched on May 30, would explain to party members and Malaysians in general, why Samy Vellu should resign as president.

I extract this news from The Star today.
Somehow, I find today news got a lot of interesting subjects.
From a 22 year-old girl claiming she was raped and won the case, to this non other news (not a news has been like this ever since) about some people getting the sack for complaining and raising their ideas.
I mean, what is life and what is a member of a political party when you can't even voice out your dissatisfaction or in this case an idea for the old man to leave his chair.

What more can anyone (Malaysian, in particular the Malaysian Indians) say about this Samy Vellu. He had been called names. He had been labelled with degrading remarks but he is still him. The God of M.I C.

You can't grumble and can't complaint.

To be a member of MIC or UMNO (simply naming another one because there was a case last year or a year before during Abdullah Badawi reign, similar case happened) members need to kowtow to all the bullshits of the decision makers or the head of the party.
But, wait till something happened to them, or he retired (in this case the bashing of Mahathir Mohammed) during his heated critiques towards the management of Abdullah 'the Flip Flop' Badawi.
I remember his remarks on friends turned foes.....

Thus, coming back to Samy Vellu's case here, I think he will die in his seat....then only the seat will be vacate. Until then, pray hard folks....
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