Monday, 10 May 2010

Big guns on the grill...oucchh, it's HOT!

You know, literally no one can do anything to CEOs or Chairman of a company, now, we're talking about those superhuge multinationals.
They're tough headed, gets what they want even if they want it immediately.

But comes certain time, especially when it is concerning the law or government policies....this is when you going to see them breathing thru their mouth gasping for air answering and thinking hard to answer to all those authorities.

I was watching the grilling of the British Petroleum (BP) America Chairman Mc Kay on the telly during his 'question and answer' at the Capitol Hill over the recent oil spills.

Yup, the BP 2010 Oil Spills....and with the rising USD350 million inquest, with their shares plummeting, the catastrophic explosion is really going to cause both the Gulf of Mexico and BP double trouble.

The oil spill from BP offshore drilling rig in the Gulf has recently reported to reach the shoreline and killing and endangering marine habitats, wildlife besides it's effect to human health and livelihood.
The leak was reportedly releasing about 5,000 barrels of oil per day and efforts to manage the spill with controlled burning still unsuccessful.

It will, if continue until certain curable measures took place, this oil spill will become the worst oil spill in history. A larger damage was in 1989 when Exxon Valdez tanker spilled 11 million gallons of oil into the ecologically sensitive Prince William Sound off Gulf of Alaska.

The different between these two oil spills was ~ the tanker held a finite capacity of oil but BP's rig is tapping oil and will continue pumping more oil into the ocean indefinitely until the leak is plugged.

Besides all the hoo-haas with people demonstrating asking not to purchase BP oils and environmentalists running shores, I found one interesting matter-of-fact statement to this already hot issue made by Sarah Palin, the gorgeous Alaskan governor ~'don't trust the foreign oil company'.
And we all long know the ergghh thing between the Brits and American....

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