Thursday, 27 May 2010

Why oh why...

I love loads of things in life as much as I hate things and people that slows me down.
One additional thing that I hate living in this country is having to read whatever I googled in Arabic.

It annoys me greatly that my google pages are rendered in the langguage just because I happen to be here in the Gulf. Yup, I know there is translate bar on top of the page but heck, I don't understand why do they (those search engines people) just can't locate my prefered language and save the setting and remember my IP and I don't have to be bothered by the Arabic words on my face every now and then.

Internet is global.
It's mission is making life easier for people, but that's not the case for me and thousands more of those who are non- Arabic living and conducting businesses in Arab countries. Basically, to me global means 'the usage or form of interaction uniformly understood by all, i.e. English'.

I do understand that the web companies are trying to be helpful to their users and localise their services but in this current era where people don't stay put in their origin countries and business travellers are everywhere everyday, these 'web masters' should think of some ways of localising than just automatically giving people (like moi) some Arabic pages based on my IP address.

I remember having it set to my preferred language and it was okay sometime last year, but it happens again and I'm feeling of being forced to use another language settings than my preferred one just because I'm living here.

Interesting part is; this never happens in my home country Malaysia.
Could it be because Malaysia is a multiracial and English is the second language.
Maybe also Bahasa Melayu, the formal language of the country is actually not formal when it comes to internet. Perhaps.

They should just allow their users the 'freedom' of selecting and opening the site and see language that the users familiar with instead of trying to 'be nice' and selecting the language as per the IP address.

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