Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Emotional detachment.

I was lying down to sleep recapping my whole day activities, from the first hour of the morning which has been a routine since I dont really know when, when the word 'emotional detachment' all of a sudden popped out.
Well, popped out for a reason I must say.
I was actually thinking and evaluating my own behaviour, my surrounding and other people whom I know and don't really know, and those whom I know and don't know of my existence and their relations to me as a person, a friend and counterparts.

I dwell on this and decided to write about it this morning ~ before the moods sets in (like as if I got an obligation to fill in my blog, i.e.....)

Anyway, emotional detachment to my limited and most modest understanding is 'when we don't give the slightest care about people, or things thus making us stronger mentally and emotionally and unlikely be bothered much by uncalled for incidences or words, especially those that is out to scrapped our emotional self'.

I do not know other than that.
Maybe I have a look in some psychological meaning to it later...

As we human, were made up of thoughts and feelings besides other things, we're just group of homosapien living our day to day life working and eating and be' feeling'.
Whether we're normal in certain ways, overly sensitive in others, or with lackadaisical view towards anything concerning life ~ we will no matter what experience some sort of emotional-related experience more often than not.
Others might be having a monotonous graph which I'd say...."gosh, that is so unadventurous life" but others might have more than they can swallow on a daily basis.

Coming back to my 'emotional detachment'.
I was actually thinking about some incidences where assuming if 'emotional detachment' is being executed properly~ a lot of unwanted emotional turmoil would definitely being put at bay.
It is as simple as this;
If I had allow emotional detachment towards certain things in my life before, I would have been somewhere in some different country doing a totally different things right now.
If my mother would adapt minor emotional detachment in her life and worry less of her grown up children, she would not have to take Betaloc medication on a daily basis anymore.
If those wicked evil-hearted people learn to detached their rotten feelings towards someone, that poor fellow won't have to suffer some 'mysterious' sickness unable to be diagnosed by scientific doctors and suffers his days lying down feeling very sick.

You see, Im pretty sure emotional detachment, is all about the 'refusal of us to stay connected with others emotionally'.
In other words, it is very easy for us to ignore someone by just not being bothered emotionally, although controlling the emotional part of it is the vital task to carry out.
Nevertheless, if frequentlt practiced, eventually we will able to numb our feelings thus making it easy to eliminate their 'existences' effectively.

Another example is having a tough cynical boss to report to. The sort who'd would jump on seeing red on the book. The sort that 'politically-correct' words are not in his vocab.
It is not easy chewing degrading words but it would be easy if emotional detachment is being put in place. The unfriendly words uttered only stays in the boardroom and shall never be ringing in the our head outside of it and we won't feel like knocking him down when seeing him crossing the road.

Meaning, when we practice emotional detachment we can surely save our life from being the slaves of other's emotional suppressions created by those who are basically lack of emotional intelligence.
We save ourself from feeling down and low, while still being able to maintain our esteem.
We save ourself from oppressing opportunistic bastards and crude idiots who had never know the meaning of empathy and humanity which will prevent us from being the victim of their emotional demands.

Although being emotionally detached makes us pas sincère, or hard to predict, honestly to me it help our brain categorising from the most important things to the least I should be concerned of and it's a brilliant way to be adapted while mingling with all sort of attributes.
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