Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Allah Ta'ala says:

"(Remember the time) when your great number pleased you (in-stilling vanity in you)."

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said:

"And the destroyers are: desires which are followed; stinginess which is obeyed; and a man being pleased with himself and this (last trait) is the worse of them (of the things which spiritually wrought destruction to one)."


I came across an article while reading some religous related book.
It was about 'ujub', an arabic word which means feeling and beleiveing highly of oneself and that he is better than anyone else.

Since we are constantly have to "keep abreast" willing or unwillingly with our surrounding cum neighbourhood, I reckon this kind of feeling exist within us humankind.
The difference would only be whether it will constantly live inside of us, or some that might come and go according to time and situations.

Nevertheless, i must say that there are people that God created to not be able to feel this unwanted feeling or thought at all. To me these lot of people are those that He favoured the most. Why am i saying so? Well simply because that thought or feeling are of a no good start of nothing.
A sort of unhealthy emotional fight to feel that one are better off than anyone else.
In another word i think people who have this kind of thought in their heart are those that are not quite well mentally.

At first i thought this word might have the same meaning as the other word 'riak' or obnoxiously feeling great about whatever one does or posseses. Nope, it differs a bit from that.
This is more of a feeling that they look or dressed better than anyone else.
The thought and believe that he is smarter than the rest of the guys in his community or in his office department.
These people will be blinded by their believe that they cant see the reality of what they are admitting.

I have known a few of this type of people.
You would not know one until you have meet them on the third or fouth encounter.
They will be the one that love to blabber about all good things in life whether they taste it all or otherwise, making believe that people are always in competition with them; either to compete their household stuff, vehicles or up to what they're wearing.
They will come to an extend of making believe something that had never happen to them into a reality.
When this type of people are corrected on their wrongst, they wont like it at all and will always find a reason to defend their belief.

This is the kind of unhealthy competition that will clouded we human when we have too much to want worldly. Too much wants will later create too much of showing off and one will of course leads to the other needless to say.
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