Saturday, 20 November 2010

Maid or slave?

Body of Indonesia maid found in Saudi garbage.

Too many, human rights groups say, face slavery-like conditions, torture, sexual
abuse and even death

Sometimes I do not know how to feel reading this sort of news on domestic helpers being abused or quelled.
I remember reading news early this year about one Indonesian maid killed by her employer because it seems that she cast a spell on the employer's son. I guess they either found out that the son was going head over heels over her which is a definite no-no or maybe it is true that she did what she did, because knowingly, Indonesian maid are not all saint. Most of them.

I dare not comment more because even back in my homeland Malaysia, there were cases where maids were abused and even died out of torture. However the latter would be very very rare.
But when it come to this part of the globe, the percentage is much more higher.
I'm guessing, after being live and watch and had small chat with some helpers while tending children at play-area in some malls, it is in their blood. The Arabs, i mean.

It is them when it comes to being lack of respect to other people.
It is them when it comes to acting like that because they had, ever since thousands years BC been introduced to some kind of help known then as 'slavery'; where the masters own their body and soul.
And also through historical stories, we come to understand that some of these slaves will be made free after perhaps they've done something extremely worthy for the master. For an example when one black slave (this during the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w period when Battle of Uhud took place) where he was promised freedom by his lady-master Hind bint Utbah if he managed to kill Muhammad's uncle Hamza ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib, and he did.

No doubt slavery existed in all races and other part of the world.
One very known people having use slaves was the American land-owners and rich people whom had their slaves shipped from Africa to do the plantations and whatnots.

But the difference between these two nations and the people are their attitude towards another human being.
And obviously, their mentality.

The use of helper is so profoundly seen and adapted in the middle east household. One can occasionally see tall able-bodied men (of course the women would definitely bring along their maid for little grocery shopping) acquire the help to carry two medium sized plastic bags from the shop to his car...while his hands are empty!
And yet some of them still failed to understand that the human that they pay to help around the house and taking care of their notorious kids are not slave -- but were mere poor ladies from another region seeking some money to be sent home to enable their poor parents and family better living, which they can't be able to find even back in their own country.

Truthfully, I empathised with them maids, although I felt this should served them right too, especially the government per se.
When it comes to threatening the neighbouring countries (usually my country) on issues such as this, although happens very rare -- but they'd make it look so horrifying bad to the extend allowing the 'freedom' by their authorities to conduct some blistering actions towards the bilateral relationship including threats on calling-back all their women working in Malaysia as maid and hoping to left Malaysia with no source of choice. If this is not enough, they'd create some other reasons just to prove a point...including burning of flags etc.

Now, I'm eager to see whether they'd dare enough to create those uncalled for scenes in front of the Saudi's or other Middle East embassies and offices or not.
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