Sunday, 16 January 2011

Woman as Premier? NO-NO.

Perdana Menteri Wanita: Kenapa Isteri PM Tak Boleh?


During Pak Lah, the SIL is more prominent than the Prime Minister himself.

Now, when Najib at helm, the wife is basking in the limelight proudly sometimes shadowing the primier.
Perhaps it is a new generation thingy that the first lady be given such lavish freedom to expose herself unconditionally.

On her exposure by the mass media, with unfailing daily dose of her whatnots, I personally didn't think it was done without someone 'instucting' it.

Rosmah reminded me of Hillary Clinton and perhaps Hillary is what she really hoping and wants to be. Now or later.
But does Najib be willing enough equal himself to Clinton?

Rosmah should take a step or now, i think two or three step back a bit. All of us know how ambitious this lady is but she shouldn't overshadow the political career of the husband, to extend of jeorpardising it.

And woman as Prime Minister?
Name one country that prosper with woman as their premier...And being a Muslim, let us get back to the basic fundamental of the creation of man and women.
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