Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 -- A decade ago

Must be the most memorable and most used numbers.

Time must have cheated on me.
I felt ancient.
I felt I must do something before I realised another decade gone just like that.
It seems too fast.
I felt it was just a couple of years ago that I was seated on my tv room chair in my office watching CNN from morning and continue till I reached home and it goes on for the next week or so.
The conversation during that time was bombing and  WTC and militants.

Well, in order for me to commemorate the D-day, I prefer not touch on anything about the bombings or those who perished including those jihad-crazy people.
I'm doing it on a smaller scale.
On myself.
I want to reflect back on the past ten years ago of my life.
A lot had taken place.
Achievements, happiness, sadness, joy and solemness.

Gosh.....a lot.

I wonder whether the next 10 years, US will still give respect and visit the ground Zero -- I reckon they've got a new name for the area already.

We shall see....

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