Sunday, 12 February 2012

Damn you facebook...

What have them at facebook done?....
Today I came across another news on the death of some people in the US.
They have created newborn killers, less passionate marriages because husband and wife will be talking less with each another and spending more time 'conversing' and communicating with friends on facebook.
Instead of mending kids and spending time after work, especially when both are working, they'll chuck their children in the hands of their maid and off they'll visit their friends pages and are more interested in knowing statuses and checking photos and whatnots than bonding with the family.

Just like how hand phone and PSP had taken over young children and teenagers.
Urggh...I so so despise looking at boys walking with their eyes on that play gadget.

While on this, I remember a story about one husband allegedly having that 'women's man' personality (or if that's what he believes), when he was caught having a gallavant time at the office party and taking pictures with pretty young colleagues in the range where weak and low-esteemed wife would call it a BAD thing to do.

He was tagged and the wife's friend saw the photos and you know what happened next.

Of course that was before those brilliant monsters at facebook alter and add some features considering 'privacy' is primary in this boundless world.
Just like chat room, it created rooms for cheating hearts, besides the actual rooms to chat. It all depends on the individual.

Nonetheless, not all a bad isn't it Mr Zuckerberg? ....There are some good to it too.
For example. A person like me. Whom had been jailed in this non-towering house and country.
I don't communicate with others except my 5 year old and 8 months daughters, and SO.
Besides that, maybe I'll be communicating with the Indian cashiers and helpers at the nearest mini market. If I ever bumped into some people I might know or those from the same country, I'll offer my 'hi how are you'  bla..bla..bla..a bit and that's about it. 

Indeed I will find facebook quite good in terms of allowing me to communicate with others besides the three souls at home. And you'll be surprised I communicated more with those in my home country and those who actually live here.!!
How ironic would that be?
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