Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dirty Slimy....politics.

There he goes...Kadir Sheikh Fadzil.
Ex-Umno member after 56years.

There is a very perfect Malay saying for him -- 'Sebab mulut badan binasa', which basically tells us to watch out what comes out of our mouth because saying the wrong thing to someone or to make it public, and in this case it was more politically wrong; will land you on the not so green grass and will obviously need start reaping what he sow.

Because of his controversial statement that hurts the ever sensitive hearts and ears of Umno members, former Information Minister and 30 years MP for Kulim-Bandar Baharu, Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir  had to resigned as an Umno member after spending that lenght of time being so adamantly loyal to the party.

He allegedly accused the ruling party handing between RM200 and RM1,000 to voters in previous elections in exchange for votes, which of course is not news at all to us who knows. Be it for the general election or some constituency election. 

This once flamboyant and outgoing minister must have been very frustrated with someone or something in the party. On the other hand, I'm not giving it all trust at all. Perhaps it was just another gimmick or wayang kulit played by UMNO in order to create some drama to spiced up the coming 13th GE.

Not being judgemental or trying to sprinkle some slandering ideas but hey, let's admit it. Anything is possible. It's politics. It's dirty. It's slimy. They're the same as those monsters who bomb women and kids for no reason in Palestine, they're the same as those devilish leaders and God-worshipping people in Iran who stoned to death many Iraqi students just because they don Emo haircuts. 

Anything can happen with the General Election just around the corner.
Just like one of the former prime minister who caught few 'scapegoats' after he took office in show of his 'clean and zero-corruption tolerance'.
The unlucky goats had to do it in order to prove that BN is a clean party.

You don't be surprised few months after this, a drama of Malaysia political satire will be aired during prime time on pro-government channels.
Someone will suddenly appear yay-ing the allegations made by Kadir, and Najib's boss will then instruct all party cleaning and investigating the matter, setting up yet another commission (like they always do) and someone -- the  scapegoat-- will be punished for bribing.
Viola !!-- clean and trustworthy UMNO/BN....again.
Hence everyone can start trusting Umno and the coalition party again....
And more votes will come in again...(sure, this is what they're hoping for)
And more katak will start appearing on the tele and newspaper with banner and chants of we love BN again...,

Just like the last one.
And at the end of the whole hoo haas...nothing change.

Duuuhhhhh.....it's politics.

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