Thursday, 10 October 2013

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

"Hirst tells a story with his work of the simple and complex issues that all of us are facing: life, death, fear, beauty, how we deal with death and decay, luxury and value.”

Beheaded cow.
The positioning of baby in the womb.
Demonic looking baby statue.

And what is so complex about life, death, fear etc?
If one fail to deal with it, there's always Prozac to
Anyway, thus why in Islam we must believe in Qada and Qadar, which mean life before birth and until the death of us is all under Allah’s decision or decree and the belief that nothing can occur without Allah’s permission. Whatever Allah wills happens, and whatever he does not will does not happen.
That is it...It's the sixth pillar of faith.

Finding it complex to comprehend the reason behind Doha Museum od Islamic Art agree and dubbed into having this guy exhibit his so-called thought provoking 'masterpiece', though.

To me it is disgusting.
What is an art when you exhibit the process of baby progress, of course not the pre-making of it (which I'm sure included in those not allowed pieces)...or perhaps I'm not contemporary or conceptual enough to understand this artist works.


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