Thursday, 11 September 2014

No off shoulders please teachers.

This is something that I as parents applaud.
The Supreme Education Council (SEC) has recently outlined 10-point code  "core values" expecting professional behaviour from teachers both inside and outside of school hours.

Besides emphasising on communicating effectively with students, working with parents -- their must also be modest in their day to day dress.

The council has previously outlined a similar set of expectations for students at the start of the term in their effort to improve poor attendance and discipline in local schools. Parents have been given questionnaires and I remember receiving them for the past two school years.

The ten core points are;

  • Establishing a good, professional relationship with all students without exception, and providing them with the necessary attention and care, both inside and outside the classroom;
  • Showing respect to parents and collaborating with parents and community organisations to raise students’ performance;
  • Respecting subordinates and implementing instructions of superiors, and behaving wisely and objectively in accordance with social customs and professional conduct;
  • Abiding by the laws and regulations of the state at all times, informing officials, superiors or competent authorities of any violations of the laws;
  • Communicating with members of the school community, students and the public effectively, wisely and respectfully
  • Respecting Islamic values, national customs and traditions and all other religious beliefs;
  • Dressing modestly, taking into account the customs and traditions of the workplace and beyond;
  • Avoiding any activities that lead to the emergence of a real or apparent conflict of interest;
  • Optimizing the use of public property and financial resources of the school, which should be used strictly for important and functional purposes only; and
  • Avoiding possessing or using unauthorized alcoholic beverages, drugs and tobacco and all drugs substances or becoming under their influence, whether at the work place or outside.

While some criticised key aspects of the new code that appear to dictate modest dress and limit drinking and smoking out of school hours there are some who say this is timely and glad the SEC is aware of some problems and is addressing them.

Since Qatar imports I'd say 90 percent of their teachers from abroad especially the UK in order to provide education to expats children in the country; cultural differences has somehow took its place in the society.

Where I lived for instance --  I have witnessed teachers smoking just outside the school gate during their break time -- something that I have never seen and Im pretty sure are not done even now in Malaysia.
Yes, they don't do it in the school compound, but it is just a step away and the gate is used by pupils in and out of school. 
And that is not all.
The drinking at family clubs while sunbathing, the party organise by the headmaster at his house on a weekly basis for the teenage girl to have fun with other teenagers.
Honestly -- this is not a good example for young minds at all.

I am not saying the Brits teachers are all such, there are those older ones whom you know you can trust teaching good values to your children but the younger ones, those in their late twenties single aiming for hot countries experience -- I had gone through a bad school year last semester with my daughter's teacher. Thank god she had hopped to another hot weathered country.

It is all about the basic role of being a good model that might have been slipped away from the later generations of teachers. That has led to pupils having less respect to teachers. Unlike 20 years ago.
Nontheless, those who realise something must be done do exist still. For example the teacher in the US whom created headline after sending one teenage girl home when she wore a dress to short for her prom night.
And the headteacher in UK who sent 250 schoolgirls home for wearing short skirts ; who also told his female staff off for wearing smaller tops that expose their naked shoulders -- these are the values that should be kept and abide by all teachers in order to maintain modesty among younger generations.

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