Thursday, 22 January 2015

Raping is A-Okay if you have the money in Saudi.

The above is the cell phone footage of a Saudi woman being beheaded publicly that has gone viral over Youtube and certainly caught the attention of human rights bodies globally.

The footage shows a woman shouting "I did not kill! I did not kill!" as Saudi police wrap her head with a black scarf and an executioner dressed in white tells her to "Praise God" while lifting his long silver sword and strikes her neck.
She was silent and the beheading continued with the hacking of her head, twice, after which the executioner stepped away and 'carefully wipe the blade'.

I can't say that I am shock watching this, or reading about beheadings in Saudi Arabia because the punishment is as stipulated in the Islamic Sharia law.
However, I cannot fathom the fact that while this woman accused of raping her seven-year-old stepdaughter with a broomstick and beating her to death got what they (the Saudi's court) deemed suitable for her ; a Saudi father who was also a cleric found raping, sodomising, kill and burnt the private part of his 5 year-old daughter in February 2013 was allowed to walk the street freely after paying his money-loving wife 200,000 riyals (USD50,000.00).

The story about this Saudi cleric (beast), Fayhan al-Ghamdi,  whom has made numerous television appearances promoting Islam, the story I posted here, has in no way make me trust that the almighty god would also condemned him to hell after what he did to the daughter.

It must all be blame to those chauvinistic lawmaker. 
Again, although Im not at all happy with the law governing Muslim people, and as stipulated in the Quran, I believe it was somehow derived out of mere interpretation of human -- men -- to be precise.

Can I say, or would I be punished by the Almighty Allah if I am a man, and I have the money, I can go rape or kill -- my own offspring or other female, and just pay some money to get away with it?

As one of the authority person claimed,  "they emphasise respect for the right to life as one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the law. It should not make us forget the rights of other parties violated by the perpetrators" -- and Im wondering how the poor 5 year-old girl's mother sleep at night...

Beastly men.
Cruel world.

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