Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Two days ago I had been told of a bad news that one of the family here have had their daughter diagnosed having acute leukemia.

It was a shock even to receive news much ealier mentioning that she was hospitalised after going there for a check-up for having feeling lethargy and very pale palms, when the hospital decided to hold her back and the thorough check-up revealed that she is suspected having anemia.

I visited her in the hospital later on that day. She looked rather jovial, face and lips pinkish after having two pints of bloods in her body. And despite that they just 'drilled' her back bone earlier to get some liquid from her bone marrow, she still have time to smile and talk to visitors.
I guess the dear family must have been quite relieve when the doctor said that it was probably anemia.
Nevertheless the following day report was the devastating day for all of them.

It took me by surprise.
She is only 18 years old.
She had been the 'leader' of the kids here in this small community and was the energetic and vibrant type unlike some other girls. She is never the restless typical girlish type; the type of girl that I would prefer.

I was told a while ago that she refuses to accept that she is having an acute leukemia and I think no one in her shoes would want to accept it just as the matter of fact like that. Without having any symptom whatsoever except complaining of having feeling lethargic and weak, they thought it was just normal body changes.

I must admit that I would react the same if told of this kind of news when all I'm feeling is just normal lethargy.

I wish her well and hope she and the family would be given strenght by God to go through this difficult situations.
It is devastsating.
It is killing and it is a timed life already for her now.
But I would hope she will understand that we will pass on later. We will leave behind all our loved ones and price possessions.

I wish i could tell her that this is the start of her new beginning.
I hope she will brave through this ordeal and have all the mental and emotional strenght.

As always, when come to this kind of situation, it is another wake up call for us to be cautious in our lifestyle, which includes the diet that we have everyday, the supplements that helps fill in those invisible holes in our nutrition compartment, and never take things and people for granted.

You might not know when would be the last you going to spend time with them.

Some information on leukemia can be found here:
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